Coffee Shop (2014) Movie Review-Alternative Brewing

Coffee Shop (2014) is a romantic drama film that’s created around Donavan (Laura Vandervoort), the main character. The movie captures Donavan is a young coffee shop owner who is struggling with both the business and romantic life. She is a beautiful and attractive woman in her late twenties. She has everything for a woman of her age- from a successful coffee shop, perfect boyfriend, quirky friends, and not to mention her beauty. She has turned her coffee customers into a family, and this has made her life sweet and easy. But balancing business and relationship is becoming tricky for her and things start to fall apart.

When Donavan’s boyfriend Patrick (Josh Ventura) decides to leave, things start to take a toll on her. At that time, she has two problems to deal - keeping her business afloat and her love life. But the main problem at hand is the coffee shop since the new bank owner; Frank Miller (Jon Lovitz) won’t extend her loan. Her business faces repossession and she has to fight to save it, but it is a little too late to salvage her coffee shop. The introduction of Ben Carson (Cory M. Grant) into the picture seems to change Donavan’s love life but just when this was about to have a happy ending, Patrick (her ex) returns to the town, and things take another turn for her life. Patrick comes with this crazy idea that they turn the coffee shop into a parking garage.

But when she thought that she has fallen for Ben, his select is revealed. It seems like both men are nothing but double trouble for her.

Things We Loved

One thing that i like about this movie is the age rating. This is one of the movies that can be watched comfortable by anyone regardless of their age. It is a romantic drama without explicit scenes and will not offend you in any way. The quality of the picture is top notch, and you will love every bit of it. The scenes are creatively crafted, and there is plenty of suspense around every corner. The quality of the actors particularly Laura Vandervoort is amazing, and Cory M. Grant plays their parts very well. This is a move that anyone will definitely love watching.

Things We Didn't

The movie is so soft considering the theme, and that’s not going be a positive thing for most viewers like. The quality of the music in most parts is terrible. The incessant music sometimes was too loud, and this gets irritating in most parts of the movie, particular where the suspense is created.


Coffee Shop is a great movie to watch. The story line is incredible and easy to follow. One thing that makes the movie interesting is the level of suspense around every corner, and that’s what makes you watch the movie till the end. Apart from that, this is the kind movie that you can watch with anyone irrespective of their age. There are no explicit or offending scenes in the entire movie, and it’s great for family viewing. It is a great movie, and a lot of lesson on business and relation can be deduced from it. It’s a great movie and we rate it 4 out of 5 stars.


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