Product Review: MiniPresso-Alternative Brewing

Espresso lovers, the MiniPresso from Wacaco Limited is truly a game changer in the portable espresso world. The MiniPresso is a simple to use device that requires minimal effort, simply unscrew the end cap, add boiling water and espresso grounds into the caps, then simply screw it together and within six presses you have an espresso shot!

The MiniPresso takes the boiling water from a large chamber and through air pressure exerted through the pressing motion moves it through the coffee grounds and into the shot size cup at the end. Truly a product for the everyday office worker, camper and general coffee lovers.

While typically we drink black coffee from our AeroPress daily or while camping, we have been wooed by the MiniPresso. Why? Simply put the MiniPresso coffee shot was a great surprise on consumption, at first we were expecting a poor attempt of a espresso shot, however enjoyed the shot produced.

While the enjoyment of the coffee which was above our expectations was our initial enjoyment, the following uses continued to provide consistent shots.

The Wacaco Statement "With little efforts, Minipresso helps you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to traditional machine. Don't get rid of your daily pleasures far from home. With Minipresso, be sure to enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime" is in our opinion, spot on.

If you are looking for a device for everyday use or our camping and seeking an espresso over a black coffee we could not recommend this device more. With a RRP of AUD$85, it is more expensive then an AeroPress however in the long run it is much cheaper then a $5 Latte from your cafe.

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Brew Better & Enjoy - Sam from the AB Team

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