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The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Makers Showdown

Cold brew coffee is one of the easiest forms of coffee to make at home. If you’re looking at ways to brew your own, look no further. These Hario cold brew coffee makers are some of the simplest and most durable cold brewers out there, and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs among them.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee MakersHario is a world leader in the production of durable, high-quality glass products, so it’s no wonder why Hario is a respected coffee brand around the world. Their products are functional, durable, and beautiful.

For this Hario cold brew device roundup, we’ll feature two primary brewers that showcase Hario’s ability to create beautiful and functional coffee makers, the Hario Water Dripper and the Hario Cold Brew Pot 1L. These are some of the most popular cold brewers in the world, but we’ve still got some honourable mentions later on if these don’t catch your attention.

Hario Cold Brewing Comparison

Hario Water Dripper

Hario Water DripperHario’s Water Dripper is a sight to behold in a cafe or home setting. It produces cold brew coffee via the slow drip method, which slowly drops water onto the ground coffee bed to produce a crisp and clean cold brew concentrate over 3 to 5 hours.

The brewer consists of an acrylic tower frame, a water chamber with an adjustable dripper valve, a middle chamber that holds the coffee and filters, and a server that collects the falling cold brew concentrate. All of the glass parts are made with Hario’s premium materials, which are as durable as kitchen glass can be. These materials, alongside the mechanics of the brewer, make brewing cold brew coffee a visual experience as much as a flavorful one.

At A Glance

  • Tall, Visually Stimulating Brewer
  • Slow Drip Method
  • Hario Glass & Acrylic
  • 3-5 Hour Brew Time

Though 3 to 5 hours may seem like a long to wait for cold brew coffee, it’s short compared to the 12+ hour brew time of immersion cold brewers, such as our next brewer, the Hario Cold Brew Pot.

Hario Cold Brew Pot 1L

If big counter devices aren’t your thing, Hario’s Cold Brew Pot 1L may be more fitting in your kitchen. It’s a very simple cold brewer, consisting of a 1L Hario glass carafe and BPA-Free lid with a built-in mesh filter. It’ll easily fit in your refrigerator or in the cabinet, giving you far more storage options than the tall Water Dripper.

This cold brew device is an immersion brewer, so the coffee and water need to sit together for 12+ hours to produce rich, balanced, and creamy cold brew. Though it’s a long brew time, it also is very low maintenance. Simply combine your coarse coffee grounds and fresh cold water, and let the magic happen. Once the time is up, remove the filter and store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks.

At A Glance

  • Small Brewer
  • Immersion Method
  • Hario Glass & BPA-Free Plastic
  • 12+ Hour Brew Time

If you’re looking for a no-frills, simple cold brew coffee maker that you can rely on for ages, this Hario Cold Brew Pot is a solid choice. Here’s a recap:



Tall, Visually Stimulating Brewer

Small Brewer

Slow Drip Method

Immersion Method

Hario Glass & Acrylic

Hario Glass & BPA-Free Plastic

3-5 Hour Brew Time

12+ Hour Brew Time

Honourable Mentions

Hario Cold Coffee BrewersWhile the two brewers above capture some of the best qualities cold brew coffee makers can have, there are a few more options if you’re not sold yet.

The Hario Shizuku cold brewer puts the slow drip method into a smaller, less stationary device. It has a 600ml capacity, can make cold brew in 2 to 4 hours, and works well in the cafe or at home. If you’re captivated by the slow drip method but don’t have the space to spare for a bigger tower, this is the brewer for you.

Hario’s Cold Brew In A Bottle takes the immersion brewing approach like the Cold Brew Pot 1L, but comes with a silicone spout and stopper and has a 750ml capacity. This special lid allows you to steep the cold brew with the pitcher laid on its side and makes transporting the concentrate easy and spill-free.

Along the same lines as the other immersion brewers, the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher features a stainless steel strainer and pouring lid. If you have a lot of metal in your kitchen, this sleek brewer will fit right in.

Flash Chilled Hario V60 Iced Coffee

If you’re in the market for iced coffee but aren’t determined for it to be cold brew coffee, the Hario V60 doubles as an iced coffee maker. Though traditionally used to make hot coffee (see our v60 brewing guide), the V60 is capable of producing a crisp and refreshing glass of iced coffee when the coffee drains directly over ice, chilling it rapidly and keeping the aromas from floating away.

If you’d like to try flash chilled V60 coffee, check out our Hario V60 Brewing Guide to get a look at the process. We suggest replacing half of your brewing water with ice, so if you typically use 350ml of water, only use 175ml of water and 175g of ice. This keeps your finished glass from being too diluted but extracts just enough from the coffee to taste rich and delicious.

This method pulls out more acidity and bitterness than cold brewing since it uses hot water, but it still produces a glass of iced coffee that features a bright flavour and a light body.

Which Cold Brewer Is Right For You?

You cannot go wrong with any of these Hario options, but some of them may be more appropriate for your lifestyle and kitchen than others.

Slow drip brewers are visually exciting, take only a couple hours to brew, and come in a variety of sizes. Immersion brewers are lower maintenance (though not by a lot), take half a day or more to brew, and typically come with 600ml to 1L size carafes.

If you have any other questions about these cold brew coffee makers by Hario, we’d love to answer them and help you find the perfect brewer for you.

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