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Coffee Tampers

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  • Reg Barber Black Tamper
  • Reg Barber maple Synesso 58.5 mm Tamper
    Reg Barber Maple Synesso 58.5mm Tamper
  • Reg Barber Zebra Tamper
  • Coffee Tamper Red
    Reg Barber Tamper Red Flat Base 58mm
  • Reg Barber Maple Tamper

A coffee tamper is a relatively simple tool in the world of coffee accessories but it speaks volumes of the barista who uses it. Pullman coffee tampers are engineered to provide optimal results for a lifetime of coffee making. The striking, unmistakable appearance of a high quality coffee tamper instils a level of trust in your coffee drinking companions. In our coffee tamper range we also have a selection of tamper mats & stations to suit any size brew space. If you’re just starting out and looking to add a coffee tamper to your kit, be sure to check out our coffee tamper & mat bundles.

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