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Barista Basics exist to provide you with those unglamourous but essential things that every barista needs. Their products are not only affordable, they’re super durable and tough. 

It’s all well and good getting yourself a state of the art espresso machine and brewing up your favourite ground beans. But if you have nowhere to put that coffee puck, then either your home or your cafe is quickly going to be a mess. 

So, a Barista Basics knockbox makes a lot of sense. Designed to be hit hard with your portafilter over and over again, Barista Basics knockboxes can take a lot of punishment. Constructed from super-strong industrial grade ABS plastic, and include a removable nitrile rubber (or NBR) rubber knock bar, they’ll stand up to even the beefiest baristas knock. Easy to clean with removal parts, they also utilise an NBR rubber hush gasket, to minimise noise in your cafe. 

Also in our Barista Basics range, the Barista Basics Shot Glass. Made from durable borosilicate glass, it’s strong enough to be dropped, and features three spouts for ease of use. So if you need durable accessories for those unromantic but essential coffee tasks, look no further than Barista Basics. 

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