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No conversation on espresso machines is ever complete without mentioning a Bezzera coffee machine. 1901 saw the creation of an innovative process for preparing coffee, and the process was the brainchild of none other than the founder of the company, Luigi Bezzera. In 1906, the first-ever espresso machine debuted at the Milan International Fair, and since then, the company has continued to develop and innovate coffee-based technology with the passion that their founder instilled in the company so many

years ago. Luigi Bezzera’s legacy lives on to this day with the fourth generation of his family continuing to push the boundaries of coffee technology.

Despite continuous innovation and globalization, the company has not strayed from their philosophy and traditions, ensuring that all Bezzera coffee machines are of the highest quality and built within its facilities in Italy. The latter is apparent in their products like the Bezzera bz10, Bezzera bz99, and Bezzera Domus Galatea, which all exhibit the utmost care taken by the company in the design and manufacturing of their coffee machines.

If you’re looking for a professional or semi-professional machine backed by a legacy of excellence, then browse through our available Bezzera coffee machines and have quality delivered to your doorstep.

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