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Our Breville coffee machine line up and range of home espresso machines has something to suit nearly anyone’s coffee needs, from home brewing right up to cafe-quality espresso machines, no cutting corners on quality. The stainless steel Breville Barista Express espresso machines and the Breville Oracle Touch espresso machines have automated the most difficult parts of the espresso process, meaning you can produce barista quality coffee with an espresso coffee machine, whether it be for your cafe, the workplace or the home, with minimum effort. A great price range means that you get a quality espresso machine for an affordable price for specialty coffee at home. Breville carries a wide variety of machines and they are known not only for their classic espresso machines but also their coffee pod machines and capsule coffee machine.

Breville has combined all of their know-how into their coffee maker, a must-have when it comes to home appliances. By building a coffee grinder into the espresso maker itself, both the Oracle and the larger Breville manual coffee machine take you from ground coffee bean to cup in under a minute with its sophisticated heating system. The Breville espresso machine is one of the great café favourites and removes the need for years of practice or manual temperature control with its temperature settings and pressure pump. An integrated conical burr grinder with grind settings allows you to alter the coarseness of your grind for different brews and ground beans, but with automatic dosing and a dose trimming tool, the harder parts are done for you. The espresso machines filter is also easy to clean and the water tank capacity is 67oz. The Oracle also comes with a built-in milk frother with its steam wand providing the perfect milk texture and taste experience.

With no compromise in taste: the countless positive Breville espresso machines reviews, not to mention blog posts and barista recommendations, testify to the quality of the product and its performance benefits result in the specialty coffee you’ll easily be able to make in your kitchen.

For home users, the Breville Barista Pro offers all of the above, but in a size to suit most kitchen work surfaces for coffee at home. And with the super easy cleaning system, you needn’t actually be a pro to keep your coffee machine in perfect condition.

We also offer a full range of Breville machine parts should you need them, and cleaning tablets to help see that you don’t. Alternative Brewing has all the Breville Australia machines coffee products that every coffee aficionado could possibly need, at an affordable price range, for the perfect taste experience.

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