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Cafec coffee filters are designed to enable you to make great championship winning filter coffee at home. You might not think the filter itself is important, but Cafec has raised the bar. Cafec Ambassador and Master Brewer Daiki Hatakeyama won 2019’s Japanese Hand-Drip championship using the Cafec paper filter. So, it’s fair to say Cafec filters have some vintage.

Cafec are masters of all things hand drip. So why are these filters special? Cafec coffee filter paper is produced differently to many filters. Their unique process produces cone shaped filters which retain the crepe on both sides. The crepe maximises surface area and catches more grounds, ensuring smooth coffee. This coffee paper filter technique allows for a higher crepe pattern, ensuring the coffee is properly filtered no matter how high the water line.

If you’re looking to raise your hand-drip coffee game to competition standard, Cafec coffee filters could give you the edge.

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