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If you have a limited product line, then you better make sure that each of your products excels in price, design and features when pitted against powerhouse brands. Cafello did just that with their Cafello Tutto and Cafello Tutto Junior coffee machines.

The Cafello Tutto is an all-in-one machine designed to make the beautiful art of espresso making as easy as possible. Cafello’s coffee machine solution for bar owners and restaurants, the Tutto is built for efficiency and mass production of incredible espresso without taking up your staffs’ time. The Cafello Tutto does it all – grinds, tamps, and brews with minimal human assistance. Cafello made espresso-making incredibly easy with the Tutto’s light-up touchscreen display which allows even novices to make excellent espresso by quickly setting different parameters and letting the machine do the rest.

The Tutto Junior is the mini version of the formidable Tutto, maintaining most of its incredible features while being designed for use at home or office.

With their two fantastic coffee machines, we’re excited to see what Cafello has in store for us when they expand their product line. In the meantime, if you want to know if they are a fit for you, make sure to read a Cafello Tutto Review and see how consumers feel about Cafello’s coffee machines.

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