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The Espro brand is one of the most trusted brands in the industry and it’s easy to see why. With their beautifully designed products ready to provide consumers with the freshest espressos available today, these perfectly crafted devices go beyond what anyone will expect of them. One product in particular, the Espro press travel, brings forth espresso capabilities that are sure to blow any espresso enthusiast’s mind. This 15oz travel press is compact perfection for anyone in love with the satisfaction an excellent espresso will provide on the first sip. Taking an espresso press on the road or even into the sky has never been easier and with this Espro device, brewing as much as 300ml of the freshest tasting coffee or tea as you travel is a total breeze. The pour-over style coffee products that the Espro brand is offering brings only the finest coffee products to espresso consumers, placing emphasis on quality. This brand is offering premium espresso presses, milk jugs, presses, filters, and paper filters, enhancing espresso experiences wherever their products are purchased. Understanding the difference a quality espresso brand such as Espro can make is as simple as sipping on the steaming espresso made with their products. The elegance and perfection that comes as a result are difficult to ignore. These long-lasting products bring out the natural barista in espresso lovers, allowing them the ability to craft the beautifully delicious espressos they know they’re capable of making without forcing them to overthink their favorite brew.

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