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When you have coffee experts from three different European countries merge all their knowledge and experience into creating a massive product line, you get Crem International. The result of the merge by Expobar (Spain), Coffe Queen (Sweden) and Spengler (Germany), Crem International develops, manufactures and markets Expobar coffee machines for homes, offices, restaurants and every possible location they are needed.

Despite the merge, Expobar coffee machines stay true to their roots with its “original Mediterranean soul” intact in their product lines that range from reliable and highly efficient models to excellent professional level focused machines. With nine product lines of espresso machines, including the Diamant PRO, Carat, Rosetta, G10, and Onyx, you can easily find an Expobar coffee machine that suits your espresso needs. Expobar also has its line of Espresso grinders and accessories such as barista kits, water softeners, and waste drawers to ensure that they are the one-stop solution for all coffee needs.

Considering the number of products that the company has, we wanted to ensure that your coffee machine shopping was made convenient and easy. Expobar coffee machine reviews, overviews, and questions for each product are available for your perusal to help you find the right machine for your coffee espresso needs.

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