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Felicita Coffee Scales are coffee scales for the 21st century. Felicita uses high-quality materials, and handmade manufacturing to guarantee that each scale is of excellent quality. Felicita is so sure of their product that they provide a one-year warranty.

Now, what is so special about the Felicita Coffee Scale? For starters, it uses cutting edge technology to ensure the accuracy and precision of their scales, that’s always important since even minor deviations in our coffee recipes can drastically alter the flavor of our brew.

What sets the Felicita Coffee Scale apart is how it seamlessly integrates Bluetooth technology with its primary functions; this means that you are never out of touch with the scale. Even better it allows you to track the quality of your grounds if, by accident you managed to make a better brew by putting more or fewer coffee grounds on the Felicita Coffee Scale, it will save the exact amount you used.

Finally, the Felicita Coffee Scale uses a USB charger, so any device you own can be used to keep it powered up and ready to go.

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