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Since the Frank Green inception in 2013, Frank Green has grown into one of Australia’s most loved reusable cup and bottle brands, and for good reason. It’s important to note that Frank Green isn’t a person, it’s all about the Frank Green philosophy. The Frank Green company was founded in Melbourne, one of the world’s coffee capitals, by serial entrepreneur, caffeine enthusiast and passionate environmental advocate, Benjamin Young.  

Knowing how bad single-use reusable coffee cups, water bottles and plastics are for the environment, and passionate about great design, the Frank Green team sat down and to create something that met both needs. 

The Frank Green cups are ergonomic and curved to fit comfortably in your hand. Utilising a ceramic inner layer, and stainless steel outer, this combination makes for the ultimate Frank Green reusable cup. The Frank Green cups are also recyclable at end of life, and in as little as 15 uses, you’ll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your Frank Green reusable cup.

The Frank Green next-generation range also boasts Frank Green Pay, enabled by Visa payWave so you can actually pay for your coffee with your stainless steel cup! So if you’re looking for a totally eco-friendly, innovative and beautifully designed reusable cup, Frank Green has it all: be sure to check out our full range!

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