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Fresh beans are better beans and with the Friis brand, expecting the freshest beans is not expecting too much. Stale beans are never good beans and knowing this makes this brand’s capabilities that much more incredible. For those looking for a way to keep their beans fresher than their plastic Ziploc bags ever could, then the Friis brand is a total savior. Sporting sleek designs and chic colors, the Friis brand stores beans in ways that simply provide the quality storage every coffee enthusiast needs. Whether you’re a new bean enthusiast recently getting into the brews or a barista looking to hold a favored stash of quality beans without having to worry about them losing their flavor, Friis products are going to bring forth a level of bean storage that no other brand will offer. Putting the lockdown on beans ensures their freshness is sealed in them, providing the proof any bean enthusiast needs to see the importance of these bean vaults. Coffee bean decay will destroy the flavor of the beans and with light, heat, and oxygen playing primary roles in the bean’s demise, it’s easy to see that the way a Friis coffee vault protects beans is the standard in this industry. These products bring forth a one-way valve that lets natural CO2 leave the chamber while prohibiting any oxygen from coming in. Knowing what Friis can do to ensure your coffee beans safety is a priority makes this a brand one that will fulfill all of your coffee storage needs.

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