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Helor is one of the biggest names in manual coffee grinding and for very good reason. Their hand-operated burr grinders are stylish, sleek and produce great, consistent grinds normally associated with automatic grinders. What’s more, they’re compact enough that you can easily take your Helor grinder on your travels.

The Helor 101 hand coffee grinder is one of the most stylish on the market. But that’s only half the story. The Helor hand coffee grinder twin burr system ensures consistent grinds, with no burn and a range of coarseness. Burr coffee grinders actually grind rather than smash the beans, resulting in a consistent coarseness of grind which ensures proper extraction.

Combined with super smooth action to help you grind steadily, using a Helor grinder is a piece of cake. With the Helor 101 Aeropress grinds are as possible as espresso, french press or drip coffee, making the Helor 101 grinder super adaptable, whatever your needs may be.

And they don’t only produce small-batch grinders: with the Helor stance, they’ve created a world-beating, super stylish manual grinder for the kitchen or cafe side. To find out more, check out our range of Helor grinders below!

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