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Heycafe grinders combine precision chinese engineering and manufacturing, with a real passion for great coffee. The brainchild of founder, engineer and coffee lover Ilan Maimon, Heycafe’s mission is to produce top quality grinders, engineered for precision to provide baristas with total control.

Heycafe coffee grinders are designed with cafes in mind, but are also perfect for use in the home. They have been designed to make the baristas’ life easier, and increase the level of control the user has over the grind. With several engineering innovations including bottom raised adjustable burrs and super cool grinding, Heycafe grinders are custom built for artisan coffee.

With a range that caters for everyone, there are precision grinders for the home user, alongside super accurate grinders for the cafe and commercial use. Check out the full range to see if there’s a Heycafe grinder for you.

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