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Icon Chef produce a dizzying amount of kitchenware for Australian Kitchens, so it’s no surprise that they would branch out into the coffee game. For many Australians looking for a familiar name that they know they can trust, Icon Chef are the go to. And it’s no different when they apply their considerable food and drink expertise to coffee. 

We’re proud to add The Icon Chef Coffee Dripper to our range, taking it’s rightful place alongside our other drip coffee choices. This brewer also has impressive environmental credentials. Made of long-lasting materials, and with a stainless stell filter that eliminates paper waste. This also helps you to brew rich, smooth pour over coffee. The brewer-carafe combination means you only need make one purchase, and is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want to reduce unnecessary waste.

But it’s not only the planet who benefits from the system: allowing the coffee’s natural oils to seep into the cup, the stainless steel filter means a superior cup of coffee for you too. With more likely to be added to the range soon, keep an eye on Icon Chef for sure, but check out our range today!  

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