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Founded by Vincenzo Izzo in 1979, the Izzo name has become synonymous with Neapolitan espresso, not to mention their world-famous Italian-made espresso machines. Originally focused on brewing great coffee, the company has expanded to become one of the most influential coffee machine builders, and offer a wide range of products besides this. From ground coffee and barista accessories, all the way to Izzo coffee machine parts, these guys do it all.

The iconic design and ultra-stylish finish ensure Izzo coffee machines are instantly recognisable. Catering for everyone from the home aficionado right up to the high-grade barista, Izzo coffee machines are suitable for both the home and the cafe. With an exhaustive range of fully automatic, semiautomatic and lever-operated commercial espresso machines, their MY Way branded range caters to baristas, cafe owners and coffee professionals, as well as the home coffee lover. As not all manufacturers still produce ‘lever’ espresso machines (manual espresso machines), they are also a favourite of traditionalists.

All Izzo and MY WAY machines are built in Italy with the highest quality materials. Known for their eye pleasing design and high production standards, Izzo machines are fully and thoroughly tested to ensure they operate to the exactingly high standard you expect.

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