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JOEPRESSO is the brainchild of Roman Rabinavich, who, during COVID-19, lived an hour from the nearest café. After a few weeks of drinking only AeroPress coffee, Roman was craving an espresso – leading to his first experiment adapting his AeroPress for espresso coffee, which soon became the JOEPRESSO on Kickstarter.

If you are familiar with the AeroPress, you will know that the coffee is immersed in hot water, releasing both the flavour and some bitter elements. Attach the JOEPRESSO to your AeroPress and hot water will be forced rapidly through the finely-ground coffee, just as it does in your coffee machine, giving you a full bodied, rich espresso including crema.

The JOEPRESSO, which also works with the AeroPress Go, uses a stainless-steel pressurized basket. A silicon seal stops leaks and drips and maintains the pressure in the chamber, giving you the perfect espresso wherever you are.

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