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The merits of using a home coffee roaster are huge. As the flavour in roasted beans will begin to deteriorate within a week, being able to roast your own at home ensures you’re getting the very best out of them. However, the science of roasting is complicated, requiring precise temperature control through different phases of the process. For years this was the sole preserve of the master artisanal coffee roaster, or those who could afford expensive commercial roasting systems. And so Kaffelogic decided to create a system which could achieve this level of precision for home use, using sophisticated monitoring and control software. Affordable, compact and super easy to use, Kaffelogic roasters are right up there with the best home coffee roasters.

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 was in development for five years before its launch in 2018. A breakthrough in home coffee roasting machines, the product is designed for both the amateur as well as the expert. Achieve artisan roasting in the comfort of your home and have perfectly roasted coffee anytime.

The initial launch was through crowd funding which carried this innovative product through production tooling and electrical safety standards compliance testing. Manufacturing and delivery to our crowd funding early adopters was completed in April 2019.

Now they are in retail production, keep your eyes peeled for the Nano 7. Don’t blink – they’re moving off the shelves pretty fast.

Kaffelogic’s designer and director Chris Hilder’s obsession with coffee eventually led him to leave his day job and move into the coffee world. He would utilise his extensive programming experience and apply it to the world of coffee; or to be exact, to the business of roasting coffee. And we’re very glad he did. Kaffelogic’s mission is to bring affordable, easy to use, but super precise barista-level roasting technology straight into your kitchen. With the Kaffelogic Personal Coffee Roasting System, they build machines that are affordable, compact and precise, and with no compromise in quality.

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