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KeepCup reusable coffee cups are helping to reduce landfill one coffee cup at a time! Many disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled as they are lined with plastic (polyethylene), comprising the paper recycling process. The plastic also takes on average 50 years to break down.

But never fear, you can reduce your carbon footprint with a reusable travel mug from Keep Cup. Available in a wide range of colours it’s easy to match your new eco keep cup to suit your mood. We also stock the latest Keep Cup line of glass coffee cups with uniquely coloured lids & special cork finishes. All of the Keep Cup Australia range is made of BPA free polypropylene which has the greatest capacity for reuse & recycle at the end of life. So stop adding to landfill & invest in the best travel mug on the market today!


The Keep Cup is a ground breaking product which brought reusable coffee cups to the masses. KeepCup is designed to maximise the coffee drinkers experience, whilst minimising the use of disposable coffee cups in the process. See our post on the invention of the KeepCup for more info.

Keep Cups work by using a glass or steel tumbler with a lid made from polypropylene and silicone, which fits by suction. The lid has a stopper which allows the user to drink and then reseal the cup to prevent leaks. Find out more about Keep Cup with our Best Reusable Cups Guide.

Keep Cup does not leak normally, but as it is not vacuum sealed it can leak if turned upside down. If the lid is properly closed and the stopper placed correctly, KeepCups are perfectly safe to use for commuting, and will provide much better protection from leakage than a disposable cup.

Keep Cups last three years, but as all parts are replaceable you can easily extend the life of your cup. In this time you will have saved 3kg of plastic from landfill.

You can microwave your Keep Cup, but only with the lid off. Keep cups can handle temperatures of up to 100°C, but if left too long in the microwave at a high heat could warp. So be careful when microwaving your keepcup.

To clean your Keep Cup, use a soft non abrasive cloth and once a week give it a thorough wash. Normally a rinse will do. If you notice an odour in your Keep Cup, you can soak for a short time in vinegar or a mixture of bicarb and water. This should ensure your Keep Cup remains good to go for years to come.

Your Keep Cup could smell if you don’t wash it regularly or thoroughly enough. Wash your cup properly once a week to prevent this, and always rinse after use. If the smell persists, a vinegar mixture can be used as a soak to remove the odour.

The original Keep Cup can be put in a dishwasher, on the top shelf. The lid is not dishwasher safe due to the high temperatures it would be exposed to, so you can only place the cup itself in the dishwasher.

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