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Kinu dedicates itself to the exceptional engineering of hand grinders and supplies for coffee aficionados. Each angle of the Kinu products has been crafted with exact precision. Kinu grinders are ideal for every brewing method.

The Kinu M47 hand grinder series is a perfect example of Kinu’s unmatched craftsmanship. Each aspect of the M47 classic coffee grinders, from the stainless steel body to the smooth turning handle, was designed with the utmost efficiency for all brew methods.

The Kinu M47 classic uses 47mm conical stainless steel burrs covered in Kinu black fusion coating, which guarantees a longer burr life for grinders. The Kinu manual coffee grinders have a micro-stepped adjustment wheel that works at 50 clicks per rotation with 0.01 mm of vertical movement.

The Kinu M47 grinders range is manufactured to handle any grind size, producing a perfect espresso fine, the ideal coarse blend, and every particle size in between. Using Morse Cone principle manufacturing, Kinu’s design style centers the grinder burrs producing an evenly distributed grind particle size.

Experience high-end Kinu grinders with excellent precision and reliability. Featuring a 40g hopper capacity, the Kinu M47 is suitable for the most delectable brews. The unmatched black fusion burrs and high-quality stainless steel create a smooth grind size for any coffee brewing method.

Whether it’s the Kinu M47 Classic Manual Coffee Grinder, the Kinu M47 Phoenix, or the Kinu M47 Simplicity Manual Coffee Grinder, each rendition of the stainless steel Kinu M47 series features the ideal grind and hopper capacity for supreme coffee brews.

Kinu M47 classic grinders’ precise designs are light-weight and portable, they’re specifically designed to be user friendly and highly efficient, thanks to their steel burrs. The Kinu grinder is a coffee lover’s ideal hand grinder. Check out the Kinu M47 grinder in our range of Kinu’s coffee grinders today.

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