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Latte Pro™ helps professional and part-time baristas make the perfect coffee every time.

With an integrated thermometer on both sides of the jug, Latte Pro™ provides a more responsive and accurate solution for heating milk. It’s durable, dishwasher safe and perfect for commercial, home or office use. Best of all, it is available now for worldwide distribution!

The Latte Pro Milk Jug is a must-have product for anyone serious about becoming a barista whether for home or business. Almost every coffee concoction, excluding Americanos and a few black brews, will need some amount of milk to complete.

First of all, it consists of grade 304 stainless steel; this ensures that it is long lasting and dishwasher safe. The Latte Pro jug has an ergonomic handle to provide comfort and a colored silicon grommet for easy identification of milk jug.

Considering that the Latte Pro jug is meant to hold different formulations of milk such as whole milk, soy milk, and non-fat milk, it is crucial that the container prevents cross-contamination. Not only would a mix-up spoil the coffee flavor, but it could also ruin dietary preferences of anyone consuming the coffee.

Since the temperature of the milk in the jug is essential, the Latte Pro jugs have a large liquid crystal temperature display. It has both color identification and is removable to prevent cross-contamination between different contents. The thermometer is also dishwasher safe to make it easy to clean and has the same durability as the jug itself.

Buy a Latte Pro jug today and heat your milk professionally for the best brew results.

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