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In late 2017, 1,300 backers pledged over $130,000 USD on Kickstarter in order to receive a Leverpresso portable espresso maker. Raising such a large amount of money is evidence that the makers of Leverpresso didn’t make a dud—they made a winner.

Their first product, the Leverpresso, is a powerful competitor in the manual, portable espresso world. Featuring the ability to pull double shots, a durable construction, and two easy-to-use side levers, it’s a great fit for newcomers and espresso veterans.

One of the biggest drawing points is the device’s larger than normal capacity. With a 120ml water tank and a 17g portafilter, it’s capable of producing more espresso than the typical travel espresso machine. In fact, it’s one of just a few that can pull a full double shot in a single brew cycle.

What’s also impressive is the brewer’s consistent 9 bars of pressure. Rather than losing pressure and having to generate more with another pump like with other devices, the Leverpresso’s clever engineering maintains a steady 9 bars, which, of course, produces better espresso.

The two-lever design makes creating that pressure easy, since pushing down on levers from above feels more natural than pressing a pump continually or pressing down on an Aeropress. This makes the device a viable option for espresso lovers of all experience levels.

Built from durable Tritan, stainless steel, and other BPA-Free plastics, the Leverpresso is a brewer that’s sure to serve you for years to come, whether you use it at home or exclusively on your travels.

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