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The Lume Portable Burr Grinder is the epitome of quality with its brilliant design paired with engineering that ensures a perfect grind every time. These micro electric grinders are next level and bring forth stabilizing conical ceramic burrs that allow for a grind as coarse or smooth as desired. The conical ceramic burrs also deplete the burr wobble, providing users with an evenly ground coffee bean that never ceases to satisfy. For the perfectly balanced brew, Lume makes it happen. Adjusting the burs is simple to do and depending on the adjustment, you’ll be able to grind your beans for espresso, French press, and a plethora of other grinds you’ll have to try. This is a grinder that can be charged with its USB rechargeable battery, allowing up to 50 cups of coffee being grounded before it needs a recharge. It’s also possible to use the built-in light for up to 20 hours. This is a high-efficiency 150-lumen light, allowing for the most light with the least power consumption. For early risers or late nights working, this built-in light brings forth even more usability, ensuring you never need to worry about using it whether the lights in the room are on or off. But this brand will illuminate more than coffee beans in a dimly lit room. All in all, for any coffee bean enthusiast looking for a grinder that does it all while ensuring the best bean grinds possible, Lume products will go beyond meeting your needs to perfect your grind.

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