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Macap was founded in 1930 in Venice, Italy and has been a word-respected manufacture of coffee equipment ever since. The brand’s key products, found in over 50 countries around the world, are its coffee grinders.

Beloved by baristas across Europe, Asia, and Australia, the Macap range of coffee grinders won’t disappoint. Including doser, doserless, and even auto-grinding models, there’s a grinder for everyone in the range, from home enthusiast to high volume cafe.

Satisfying the needs of passiona home espresso enthusiasts are the traditional M2 and the doserless M2D. With 50mm flat burrs, these two entry-level grinders are capable of producing cafe-level espresso grounds that are uniform and consistent.

Up a notch are Macap’s digital M4D and MXD grinders. Grinding 2-3g per second and featuring a digital display that counts shots and allows you to program up to three dosing timers, these grinders are great fits for low to medium volume cafes and restaurants.

At the top of the Macap range are the MXD Extreme and M7D grinders. These models can grind coffee rapidly, up to 4.5g per second, and are designed to keep baristas moving efficiently in high volume, high speed cafes.

A signature feature of Macap grinders is the company’s unique stepless grind collar. It features an attached tool that makes switching between settings very precise and smooth, which means you’ll never have to worry about hitting the collar and it moving way too much.

This range of powerful grinders will satisfy the needs of your kitchen counter or cafe. It’s just a matter of exploring the options a little more closely to find that perfect fit.

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