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Originating in Venice, Italy in the 1940’s, the Mazzer coffee equipment manufacturing company has become a world-recognized coffee grinder maker in the last couple decades. Beloved particularly in North America and Europe, Mazzer grinders are built with quality materials, strong burrs, and forward-thinking technology.

In recent years, Mazzer has invested in green technologies. As of early 2018, four of their top sellers are created using solar power alone. This has already saved over 153 tonnes of CO2 from being created, and more improvement is soon to come.

The company’s smaller grinders, the doser Mazzer Mini Auto and doserless Mazzer Mini Electronic B may not be as large as their more expensive cousins, but they’re still commercial-grade grinders. While designed to function well as grinders for low volume espresso carts and secondary espresso offerings, they’ve become popular home grinders for prosumer enthusiasts as well.

Taking it up a notch are the Mazzer Major and Super Jolly. Coming in both electronic and doser forms, these two grinders in the industry standard in North America and are well-suited for medium volume cafes and restaurants.

The apex of the Mazzer range are the Mazzer Kony and Mazzer Robur grinders. These conical grinders feature slow motors that reduce grinding heat (and preserve freshness and flavour), while—at the same time—grind coffee with incredible speed and precision. If your cafe is fast paced and tends to have a steady line of customers, these are powerhouse grinders to consider.

For many in the coffee world, Mazzer is ubiquitous with quality. The company produce high-quality grinders that perform at a commercial level, from the most basic models to the most grand.

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