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Nuova Simonelli Coffee Machines

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Nuova Simonelli coffee machines come from a long line of Italian classics. The company was founded in 1936 and is proud of the fact that all Nuova Simonelli products are made and designed in Italy.

While being designed and made entirely in Italy may endear Nuova Simonelli to its Italian customers, what we Aussies care about is that the brand received the “company to watch” award in 2011 and 2013.

Also, Nuova Simonelli takes corporate social responsibility seriously. Environmental protection, energy efficiency, and protecting workers rights are among the company’s top priorities. As a result, Nuova Simonelli is not only a producer of high-quality Nuova Simonelli coffee machines and Nuova Simonelli coffee grinders, but they are also responsible corporate citizens.

Try the Nuova Simonelli oscar coffee machine, which is the latest offering of Nuova Simonelli. The machine is designed to be a set-and-forget device. Once correctly set-up, the user can sit back and wait for great coffee to appear before her very eyes.

Nuova Simonelli coffee machine prices are reasonable and competitive for the product range. Given their quality, you will not be disappointed. Why not consider the Nuova Simonelli? Perhaps it can satisfy your discerning coffee palate.

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