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Founded in 2008, ONA Coffee quickly rose to prominence in the Australian coffee world. They now boast four cafés in Canberra, one in Sydney, and supply ethically sourced, locally-roasted coffee to over 100 others. And these guys really know their stuff: in 2015, founder Sasa Sestic won the Australian Barista championships, only to be usurped in both 2016 and 2017 by ONA Coffee’s very own barista, Hugh Kelly. In 2015 they took the next logical step and announced their range of ONA tools, including the now-famous OCD Distribution Tool.

The OCD Distribution Tool was premiered by Sasa at the 2015 event (which he won) and has been used by baristas competing in the championships ever since. However, ONA doesn’t only cater to the pros: their affordable and easy to use tools are squarely aimed at the domestic barista, as part of their mission to bring top quality coffee and craft into the Australian kitchen.

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