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Looking for Pallo Coffee Tools? You’ll be thrilled to learn that we stock a full range of Pallo’s fun coffee cleaning tools. The Pallo Coffeetool is an award-winning, innovative coffee cleaning tool that will keep your hands safe while cleaning coffee equipment efficiently.

If you’re wondering how to use a Pallo Coffee Tool, it’s easy. While flushing out your coffee machine with hot water, use the Pallo Coffee Tool to start scrubbing the areas that require cleaning. You’ll no longer need to worry about getting scalded while cleaning the group head when the brush design has water deflector fins to ensure water doesn’t splash towards you. The convenient dosing spoon for detergent also ensures you’ll use the right amount of detergent for cleaning. Got a problem with steam wand clogs? Use the Pallo Steam Wand Brush to clean and unclog steam wand holes that have become clogged with milk residue.

Baristas rave about the Pallo Coffeetool – it’s perfect for home use or for high volume cafes. A clean coffee machine will guarantee you the best-tasting coffee. You can also replace the Pallo brush heads easily when they’re worn out from all that cleaning. Get an extra pack now with your Pallo Coffeetool so you’ll never run out!

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