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Planetary Design is a range of everyday coffee accessories including coffee storage.

When you have two passions, backpacking through the wilderness and brewing the perfect cup of coffee, it’s difficult to get your hobbies to mix! Well, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and a man from Montana decided that he was no longer going to suffer on burnt, instant coffee on his long treks through nature. The combination of his two passions led to the Planetary Design French press and Planetary Design coffee press, the best of its kind in the world.

Developing a travel French Press wasn’t enough, Planetary Design Airscape also had to come into being to ensure that fresh coffee beans were available for roasting in the wilderness. Airscape Planetary Design technology locks in the freshness and flavor of coffee beans by keeping oxygen away, ensuring that you can brew fantastic coffee wherever you find yourself.

Whether you’re going backpacking in the wilderness, going for an all-nighter in the office or just going to a friend’s house for a cup of coffee, make sure you have a Planetary Design French press mug with you for a fantastic cup of coffee anywhere any time.

Planetary Design has a wide variety of gear for all possible scenarios, so make sure you browse their entire catalog available here to find the mug, container, or package to fit your adventurous needs best

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