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PUCKPUCK was developed to accompany the Aeropress Coffee Maker at home or on the go. Allowing you to create great tasting cold brew coffee at a fraction of the cost of a large drip tower but without compromising on the amazing taste of slow dripped cold brew coffee.

Some coffee enthusiasts believe that hot coffee is the only way to drink the fantastic black liquid, but we beg to differ, the low acidity and smooth taste of cold brew are incredibly enticing, especially for those who have problems with digestion. If you’re a fan of the cold brew, then you should consider the products of PuckPuck.

PuckPuck is an attachment that allows you to turn any Aeropress Coffee maker into a cold brew drip system so that you can enjoy the smooth taste of slow dripped cold brew coffee anytime. The PuckPuck Cold Brew adapter for Aeropress has a patent-pending twist drip valve that makes it incredibly easy to set-up your slow drip system. The PuckPuck’s universal screw thread design also ensures that you can pair plastic water bottles with it for a lightweight kit you can use on-the-go.

Do you have incredibly refined cold brew tastes? PuckPuck also has a Drip Counter App on both Android and iOS to ensure that you can calibrate the adapter to get that perfect brew.

The PuckPuck cold brew adapter for Aeropress has a solo version, or you can buy a complete set with a splash filter, and a water vessel included. We have all of the parts available here and if you need some

more convincing that it can indeed make a decent cold brew, make sure you read a PuckPuck cold brew adapter for Aeropress review featured here.

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