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As coffee lovers become more finely-tuned to the flavours of their espresso, it’s important that baristas can match the precision that’s expected of them—and few devices empower them to do so as much as the Puqpress. By employing automation, the Puqpress boost workflow efficiency by 30%, dramatically reduces barista injury, and makes it easier and easier to pull amazing espresso shots.

Inconsistencies with tamping have always been a problem for baristas—even veteran ones. It’s impossible to be perfectly flat and use the same amount of pressure ever single time, which results in channeling, different shot times between shifts, imbalanced shots down the drain, and frustrated baristas.

Puqpress solved this major problem with the release of the Puqpress Q1, the world’s first automated precision tamper. Using adjustable lower and upper clamps, the device could evenly and consistently tamp coffee grounds in nearly any type of portafilter. It evena allowed baristas to set the target pressure anywhere from 10-30kg in 5kg increments.

The precision and consistency was beloved by baristas. The Puqpress wasn’t replacing baristas—it was empowering them to pull better espresso faster.

Then came the Puqpress Q2, an upgraded precision tamper with a stronger frame, easier setup, a nano-tech tamper that reduced ground retention, and an optimized lower clamp that allowed for any style or size of commercial portafilter.

But not every coffee shop had room for another piece of gear, which is why Puqpress released their M1 and M2 models. The M1 can sit directly beneath the popular Mahlkonig Peak and K30 grinders, and the M2 can sit beneath the Victoria Arduino Mythos One. Both models match seamlessly with their companion grinders and are strong enough to bear their weight for years and years.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline technique, improve espresso quality, and satisfy both customers and baristas, the Puqpress is a great way to do so.

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