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Rattleware is a top of the line brand that provides espresso enthusiasts with the quality espresso products they need. Everyone needs steamed milk for their hot beverages and with Rattleware products, you’ll find luxury in the form of a milk jug that has it all. These are the primary products offered by this brand, showcasing their attention to what espresso and coffee lovers need as well as what they want. From the 600ml Milk Jug to the Rattleware Foam Knife, these products provide an espresso experience that goes beyond the expected. With steamed milk as the last part of the espresso to top it all off, Rattleware products are made specifically for making measurements easier. The steamed milk is poured out of these traditionally designed milk holders in a way that allows the barista to maintain control over the substance. The amount of control these devices provide makes it possible to create exquisite latte art and with the level of consistency Rattleware provides, making latte art picture perfect is easier than ever before. And with a thermometer clip, these jugs provide baristas with a real-time check of their milk temperature while they’re steaming it. The body of Rattleware milk jugs is forged from stainless steel and BPA-Free Plastic, providing a product that is not only strong, but also easy to clean and built to last. Rattleware is offering various options to enhance the espresso experience and with such a plethora available, finding the perfect model to suit your lifestyle has never been easy.

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