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With Slayer Coffee Machines, Australia has a genuine powerhouse in the espresso stakes. Established in 2007, their revolutionary ‘pre brew’ technology allows baristas a level of control previously unobtainable. Quite simply, there is no other machine available today that can do what a Slayer machine can do. Here’s why.
Their 100% unique needle valve allows total control of pressure. Slayer Coffee Machines can drop the pressure down to 0.5 bars, way lower than any other machine available on the market. Uniquely, this allows extraction to begin pre-brew, with a slow wetting stage lasting until the coffee bed is saturated. The machine then switches to brew, ups the pressure and increases flow. These stages can be adjusted manually for total control and to release nuances in flavour you simply won’t believe.

For the perfectionist, how much a Slayer coffee machine is going to cost hardly figures. They allow you to attain full extraction from extremely fine grinds, and pre and brew pressures can be altered manually. There is an automatic option of course, but once you know how to use a slayer coffee machine to its full potential, you will achieve flavours you never before thought possible!

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