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STTOKE is the result of our refined, attentive, and practical approach in changing the game of sustainable coffee cups. Sharing a passion in both coffee and innovation we have been driven to create a product to revolutionise the market.

One of the worst feelings on the planet is going to the office in the morning, a cup of your favorite brew on hand and ready to take on the world! Then someone bumps into you, hot coffee pours all over you and your day implodes before it began. A movie cliché, but it happens more often than not. To keep everybody’s coffee safe and wardrobes intact, Sttoke came up with their spill-proof and elegantly designed cups.

The Sttoke coffee cup represents sustainability, elegance, and practicality in the modern world. The company follows the philosophy of pure beauty, engineering, and designing their products to challenge industry standards while at the same time having a seamless and elegant design.

Each reusable Sttoke coffee cup is lined inside with GREBLON water-based ceramic that is easy to clean and does not alter the taste of your brew. The ceramic is shatterproof, and along with its spill-proof lid, it ensures the complete safety of your coffee and your person. The double wall insulation also keeps your brew hot for up to 3 hours. Most important of all, a Sttoke coffee cup is made to last forever and is reusable.

Keep you, your coffee and your mornings safe and browse our catalog of Sttoke coffee cups today. Not only will you save yourself all that heartache, but you’ll also help save Mother Earth too!

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