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Subminimal aims to create and manufacture stylish coffee makers and coffee making accessories that allow coffee addicts to make amazing espresso drinks in the comfort of their home. Great design is an important part of their brand identity and the team is constantly researching new ways to make good coffee great. Recreating a barista-standard, smooth, creamy-tasting frothy milk at home is no easy task. Well, that was before Dominic Symons (Founder & Designer), kick-started the Subminimal Nanofoamer.

In 20 seconds, this hand-held milk frother froths up a super-fine microfoam and you pour ripples of velvet-textured milk across your espresso.

Not only does it look super stylish, it’s matt black, 5mm-thick, stainless steel drive shaft is built to last. The Subminimal Nanofoamer milk frother comes with two nano screens, fine and superfine; you can customise the density of your microfoam to suit every taste.

Powered by two AA batteries, keeping you microfoaming for at least a month, the complete unit is waterproof. Simply rinse it under the tap and store on the wall mount included in your purchase. The Subminimal Nanofoamer and milk frother also comes with a protective hood which pops over the shaft, for storing in a nearby drawer, making it convenient for travellers.

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