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When the team at Ten Mile Coffee Tools see a problem, they have only one thought: what can we do to fix it? That’s why their tailored coffee solutions are such a great option. Are you a user of the AeroPress or Delter, whose you’re worried what all those paper filters might be doing to your environmental footprint? Well there’s no need to worry: you can make your routine eco-friendly, and travel-ready with Ten Mile Coffee Tools. 

Their stainless steel AeroPress & Delter filter is reusable, saving waste. But not only that: it is crafted with durable stainless steel to make your final mug richer, fuller, and more delicious. It’s not only a great accessory for home, but a much more efficient solution for brewing on your travels. The holes allow the coffee’s aromatic natural oils to get through to your final mug. Easy to clean, the filter stores neatly in the Aeropress itself, freeing up precious space in your bag. 

The Ten Mile Scale has been designed for all coffee weighing needs, and is suitable for espresso and pour over. Their range is only going to expand, so keep an eye on our Ten Mile Coffee Tools options! 

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