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Few espresso grinder brands have turned heads like Victoria Arduino in the last few years. This manufacturer has really made its mark on the specialty coffee community with its star grinder: the Mythos One. And in 2018 they announced the release of the much-anticipated follow-up: the Mythos 2.

Upon release, Mythos One featured a collection of next-generation grinding features, like 75mm titanium-coated burrs, precise micrometric dosing, and an effective zero-retention ground chute. But the key to its wild success was in Victoria Arduino’s ‘Clima Pro’ technology.

Many grinder’s have cooling fans, but the approach of Clima Pro wasn’t just to cool, but also heat. At open, the grinder would heat up, allowing it to stay a steady temperature all day long. This eliminated the common barista frustration of having to adjust grind settings constantly throughout the morning as the grinder slowly heats up.

At the SCA Event in 2018, Victoria Arduino displayed the Mythos 2, and it seems they’ve done it again. The grinder’s rich with power and functions, but the star feature, once again, is the ‘Clima Pro 2.0’ tech. This updated version allows coffee shops to set a target temperature, rather than forcing them to use the default settings. It also can keep the grinder cooler than the original technology.

It won’t be long before the Mythos 2 finds itself a global cult-like following, just like the Mythos One has had for a few years now. Want to discover more reasons these grinders have captured the attention of baristas worldwide? Click a product image and find out.

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