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The Zassenhaus coffee grinder is a proud product of German engineering. Zassenhaus uses only the finest first-class materials to make their fine quality coffee grinders. As can be expected of German engineering, each component is precision built to make it work correctly and to last a lifetime.

Zassenhaus has been around since 1867. No business can last that long unless it has made itself an institution in its market. With all the competition out there, Zassenhaus must have something special to stand out.

The original vintage Zassenhaus coffee grinder is machined from high-grade tool steel and hardened to ensure a proper grind suitable to any coffee brewing needs. Zassenahus coffee is so proud of their product that they are willing to back it with a 25-year guarantee on the grinding mechanism.

With such confidence in its product, is it any wonder that we are pleased to offer the Zassenhaus to our Aussie customers?

The Zassenhaus is the clear choice if you want a grinder that can last a very long time and one that will not let you down despite heavy use. When it comes to product quality and endurance, there aren’t many who can compete with Zassenhaus. There are many articles and reviews on how to use Zassenhaus coffee grinders.

If you get one of their grinders, you will get a perfect grind every time. So, consider ordering one today!

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