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Milk Jug Rinser

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A Milk Jug Rinser is now a standard in the preparation of espresso coffee. Especially in the Milk-based driven Australian market.  A clean milk pitcher is essential to hygiene and the quality of each jug of steamed milk. With the adoption of glass rinsers as milk jug rinsers within the Cafe setting comes an extremely efficient and effective way to clean milk jugs. Barista milk jugs are constantly being used throughout the shift and gone are the days of having dozens of milk jugs you run back and forth to the sink to tip and clean out.

Pitcher Rinsers clean your jugs spotless in seconds removing any milk residue left over from the previous steamed milk. By pressing the upside-down milk jug against the rinser star, cool jets of pressurised water spray up inside the jug rinsing everything away in to a connected drain.

Installing a Milk Jug Rinser in your cafe is as simple as first deciding what length of rinser you need; standard lengths to milk jug rinsers are 150mm square, 300mm and 600mm. Then, whether you prefer an ‘in bench’ pitcher rinser or an ‘above bench’ pitcher rinser? Both styles of rinsers will generally require you to alter the bench to fit either the full recessed rinse sink or the two small holes for the water inlet and drain hose.

Standard 3/8″ John Guest Press Fitting water inlets and drainage such as common 1/2″ Barb Fittings ensure the installation of the milk jug rinser is as simple and hassle free as possible. We always recommend you purchase your milk jug rinser prior to cutting the bench to get the perfect fit.

Additional benefits of investing in a milk jug rinsers are;

  •  You can easily avoid the cross-contamination issue that having several milk available on your menu poses. Simply rinse out a jug you used with Full cream to immediately use Almond for the next.
  • Increases workflow by making the process of cleaning milk semi-automatic and very quick – Providing the ability to wash your jugs right at the espresso machine. Usually whilst multitasking..
  • Saves Money – on wages – from the above point,  but also in water usage. Milk jug rinsers are very effective at their job, rarely breaking or calling in sick and are ready to do the job at a moments notice. 

Some of the iconic brands that we get supplies from include Rhinowares, Rattleware, TiAmo, Espresso Parts amongst many others. All these brands are available in different sizes, and you can easily choose the one that fits your needs. One thing that we guarantee is that whichever brand you choose, quality is guaranteed.

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