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We use Chemex coffee filters in the traditional way of making coffee. Instead of passing steam through coffee grounds, it uses the classic method of passing water through fresh coffee grounds. Think of it as a kind of drip coffee, and you are pretty close to its description and function.

Chemex filter drip coffee makers are a complete set. While some might say that buying off-brand components will yield the same result, what makes the Chemex coffee maker unique is the Chemex unbleached coffee filters.

The proprietary Chemex coffee filters are denser and specially formulated to soak up more of the oils and other impurities that come with coffee grounds. Usually, these oils will end up in your coffee when you make coffee using the drip process. These oils tend to dilute the coffee and impart tastes that you don’t want.

It is these impurities that make espresso such an excellent beverage for most people. Chemex allows you to enjoy great coffee without the expense of getting an espresso machine.

Who sells Chemex filters? We carry the Chemex filters and the entire set as well. Look no further for where to buy chemex filetrs!

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