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The Hario v60 coffee filters are a Japanese brand of coffee filters designed for people who enjoy drip style coffee. The Hario v60 coffee filter is probably the most cost-effective way of making coffee since it does not require a machine of any sort. All you need is a source of boiling water, a funnel to hold the coffee filter, and a container for your fresh coffee.

The paper membrane is there to strain the liquid as it passes thru coffee grounds. The idea is to filter away the oils and other impurities that you don’t want in your coffee. Hario coffee filter paper excels at this task because of its densely packed fibers that only water and caffeine can seep through.

One thing you might need to know about coffee filter paper is that it will require a bit more interaction with your coffee than what you usually experience. Instead of just leaving the coffee maker alone to do its work, you are the coffee maker. You need to gently stir the coffee grounds with water until all the liquid has gone to the container.

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