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The Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker is a modern classic.

For those who want rich stovetop espresso without the fuss, the Cilio coffee maker is the one for you. This Moka pot does all the work for you. It has a built-in electrical stove that is custom designed to brew rich coffee every single time. In other words, all you need are coffee grounds and water, and the Cilio will make your coffee for you.

The wireless base allows you to set the Moka pot down at any angle and any direction so you won’t need to worry about placing the coffee pot down correctly. When brewing is complete, the brewer will automatically shut down to prevent over-extraction. Without this function, the coffee might end up too bitter for your taste.

A warming function is also available to keep your espresso hot until you are ready to enjoy it.

The Cilio is aluminum and BPA-free, so there will be no undesirable residue that might dilute your coffee. No metals or plastics will seep into your coffee pot so it will taste the same whether it is your first pot or your thousandth.

Consider ordering a Cilio Classico Electric Coffee Maker to complete your home today.

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