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The Comandante hand coffee grinder is the coffee grinder for the true outdoorsman. Most coffee grinders need to be plugged into electricity to work. Some have an adapter so you can use them with your car lighter, but the comandante grinds beans using your strength.

All it takes to get the comandante to grind is a little elbow grease. That’s right; it is a hand grinder — no need for any other power than your own. The fineness of the grind will depend on how long you keep grinding. A coarse grind will take only a few twists; a fine grind will take a few more.

The Comandante is for those of us with special outdoor coffee needs. The Comandante is made in Germany so you can take advantage of that renowned German engineering. You can rest knowing that your coffee grinder is designed to be tough and meant to last.

To give you greater control of your grind, the Comandante has a clear cover. You can see immediately if your grind is coarse or fine; this gives you a chance to correct your grind in real-time instead of trying to blindly estimate your grinding or having to open the lid to check on your coffee grounds every so often.

Order your Comandante today and experience the benefits it can give you.

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