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Gifts For The Coffee Lover

Don’t know what to get that espresso aficionado (or barista in training) in your life? Looking for something that will make a bigger impact than a gift card to Starbucks? You’ve come to the perfect collection!

Our Espresso Inspired Selection Process

Alternative Brewing only sells products worth having. Moreover, we’ve scoured our wares to find the best of the best as determined by our customers. We then removed the products from our list that were only meant to be used for commercial use (though we kept a couple of items that could be used at home or in the workplace).

What does that leave us with?

The best place to buy a present that your favourite caffeine craving enthusiasts will be thanking you for (at least) until next year rolls around. Nothing stocked in this collection has less than a 4 star rating or no rating with exemplary feedback and tremendous sales. As a warning: Be sure to order your coffee gifts as soon as possible as some of our gift range won’t last! These are voted the favourite items which makes them some of the highest selling items as well. We do sell out as purchases always exceed our expectations. If you can, buy now to make sure you can get the right gift. Getting gifts for coffee lovers has never been so easy!

We understand what it’s like to spend your days grimacing through bad coffee. It’s a shame you should never have to experience! Alternative Brewing does our best to get you and yours your espresso making equipment as soon as possible. Anywhere within Australia or New Zealand can expect to receive their purchases within 4 business days. Very often, it’s less! For our coffee companions from overseas? How does 7-10 day international shipping sound? Much better than the standard 21-30 day shipping, don’t you think?

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