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There is nothing quite like the AeroPress by Aerobie Inc. This quick and easy espresso coffee maker delivers such a rich and aromatic cup of coffee that it rivals any other brewing method. It’s extremely easy to use and even quicker to clean so you can enjoy a low acidity, rich flavoured coffee every morning! The cult following of the Aeropress Australia wide is a testament to how good this part plunger, part vacuum press really is.

Our brewmasters here at Alternative Brewing use this coffee maker as their daily brewer especially if they’re on the go. Consisting of only 3 parts (2 cylinders and a perforated filter holder) it’s perfect for travelling and you can even fit one of our mini grinders inside of it so you can grind on the run! If you’re looking for a new, quick and easy brewing method for your morning ritual or want to start your coffee gadget collection, you can’t go past an Aeropress Espresso for quality coffee in a flash.

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