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Cloth Filter

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The cloth filter is a must-have for the coffee enthusiast searching for the brewing experience that doesn’t necessarily happen everywhere. These filters are not as commonly used as others, especially in the North American region, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not excellent at serving their purpose. Brewing a robust flavor of coffee can be done with the cloth filters as opposed to other available types. These coffee filters have finely weaved threads that ensure every coffee ground in caught with ease. The micro grounds are even taken out of the beverage while the cloth filter avoids soaking up all of those magnificent coffee oils, ensuring the flavor profile of your beans is never violated. Through the use of a cloth filter, you’ll find that you’ll have a clean cup of coffee without the extra coffee grounds, bringing forth rich scents intoxicating the air as a result of the extra oils in your cup. When comparing these filters to the paper coffee filters, these are considered a nice middle ground in relation to the flavor profile produced. Ensuring these are clean is a must when you use them, but the extra effort is worth it. While cloth filters require minimal maintenance, they still require it to keep them from getting too dried out or remaining too moist for too long. A cloth filter usually will last for a few dozen brews prior to an off taste coming from it as a result of trapped micro-grounds and oils building up over time, but they can still be used safely for more than 100 brews.

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