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Believe it or not, portafilters are one of the most important elements for making espresso. And for the humble portafilter, cafes are no longer their only arena, with so many of us now making espresso at home. If you’ve ever used an espresso machine, you’ll be well aware of them; the tamping down, the satisfying click and clack as you twist it into place, and the sight, sound and smell of rich, thick espresso flowing out.

In case you haven’t though, what is a portafilter? Easy: it’s the thing you see the barista twist into the machine. Once they’ve filled the portafilter basket and tamped the grounds, of course. Predictably, it’s called a porta filter as it can be removed from the machine easily.

This is the place where water meets coffee, and where extraction happens. For this to work, the water must pass through steadily and evenly. The grind and the tamp needs to be just right. Whereas most portafilters have a spout, the bottomless portafilter, AKA the naked portafilter, does not. This means you can monitor the flow of the water through the coffee, and adjust your technique accordingly.

We have all varieties, so whether you’re starting out, or seeking perfection, check out our portafilters today!

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