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Acaia Brew Stand

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The Titan brew stand is designed for use with an Acaia Lunar and an Acaia Pearl to measure the movement of liquids during the brewing process. The Atlas stand can be used in conjunction with the Brewbar App to record and plot brew water weight and flow rate, beverage weight and flow rate, and the amount of liquid remaining in the brewing filter itself. The Atlas stand can also be used as a stand for an Aeropress, with the Aeropress mounted on top of the supports and the Lunar on top of the base. In this configuration the Lunar will measure the beverage weight.

Model Number : AA011
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Weight : 728g
Dimensions: 202cm (W) x 202cm (H) x 187cm (D)


The Atlas brew stand is designed to track the movement of liquids during the brewing process when used in conjunction with a Lunar and Pearl scale. In this configuration, the Lunar will display live beverage weight, and the Pearl displays live brewing water weight.

When the two scales are connected to the Brewbar App, Brewbar provides a real-time visualization of the brewing process, showing a graph with brew water, beverage weight, and liquid retained in the brewing device. Brewbar also shows a continuously updated brewing ratio (water:dry coffee) and beverage ratio (beverage:dry coffee) during brewing.

The Atlas can also be used as a stand for an Aeropress, with a Lunar positioned on the base to measure beverage weight.

Model Number : AA010
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Weight : 395g
Dimensions: 156cm (W) x 122cm (H) x 163cm (D)
Content: Acaia Atlas x 1, Screws x 6, Hex Key x 1, Rubber Dot x 8


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